JESSICA (제시카) (Feat. Fabolous) – FLY Official Music Video

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Music Video of Jessica’s “FLY” featuring Fabolous.
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Music Video Direction: Lumpens Production
Director: 최용석
Assistant Director: 고유정
Director of Photography: 남현우
Lighting Director: 송현석
Art Director: 조윤아

Lyrics by Jessica Jung

Composed by Jessica Jung, Karriem (Kmack) Mack, Eric (Vekz) Fernandez, Tatiana (Tatu) Matthews, John (Fabolous) Jackson
Arranged by Karriem (Kmack) Mack, Eric (Vekz) Fernandez, Jay Kim
Produced by Kmack of Rebirth Entertainment, Walk on Water Music Group
Co-Produced by Eric (Vekz) Fernandez

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Illuminati/Satanism In The Entertainment Industry - PT 1

I made this video over 6 months, from clips around the internet,

I don’t own any of the clips/pics or songs in this presentation,

Firstly I do ask that you pray for the people involved in the entertainment industry.

This video is about the evil Satanic/Luciferian new world order agenda and its roots in Hollywood, and the music industry, unfortunately people are duped into believing a Satanic superficial lie that know’s no bounds, keep your children away from the TV/Internet and Games consoles, until they are old enough to make up there own minds on the matter, I pray through the power of God the Father, God the son and God the holy spirit that ad least one person who watch’s this wakes up to the reality that we are living in a Satanic secular westernised society and a very evil world.
Video Rating: / 5