Jon Stewart compares Hillary Clinton’s ‘inauthenticity’ to the ‘weird lag’ of playing a PC game on a Mac – Business Insider

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Screen Shot 2016 05 10 at 5.36.56 PMScreenshot/YouTubeJon Stewart.

Jon Stewart on Monday weighed in on what he termed Hillary Clinton’s “inauthenticity” during an interview with David Axelrod, comparing it to the “weird lag” of playing a PC game on a Mac computer.

The former host of “The Daily Show” told Axelrod that some politicians render “their inauthenticity in real time,” while others do so with a bit of a lag.

“It’s like when you have a Mac and you want to play a Microsoft game on it and there’s that weird lag. That’s Hillary Clinton,” Stewart said during the taping of the interview at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics.

“What gives me hope in that is that there is a delay, which means she is somehow fighting something,” he continued. “I’ve seen politicians render their inauthenticity in real time, and that’s where you go, ‘That is a sociopath.'”

Though Stewart said that Clinton comes off as an inauthentic candidate, he cast her as a far better choice than presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Stewart reserved special criticism for Trump, calling him a “man-baby.”

“Because at this point, I would vote for Mr. T over Donald Trump,” he said.

Stewart also compared Clinton, whom he said he imagines “to be a very bright woman without the courage of her convictions,” to former star basketball player Magic Johnson’s failed talk show.

“Magic Johnson was a charming individual, but he wasn’t a talk-show host,” he said. “And when you watched his show, you could almost see Arsenio [Hall]’s advice to him in real time rendering.”

“It never seemed authentic and real to his personality,” he continued. “It seemed like he was wearing an outfit designed by someone else for someone else to be someone else.”

Watch Stewart’s comments, beginning around the 26:30 mark, below:

Jon Stewart compares Hillary Clinton’s ‘inauthenticity’ to the ‘weird lag’ of playing a PC game on a Mac – Business Insider

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