Justin Bieber Ignoring Selena’s Calls After Instagram Comments?

5 months ago 15

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So we all know the drama that happened between JB and Selena over Instagram earlier this week. He threatened to delete his account. Selena told him if he can’t handle the hate then stop posting pics of his girlfriend. Yeah, yeah we know…it went back and forth for a bit until he actually deleted his account and left us all speechless.

Oh side note, TMZ reported that those comments where Justin accused her of cheating with Zayn were fake posts by trolls, not actually him.

But anyways, NOW sources close to the Biebs are saying that Sel has been trying to contact Justin, but he’s doesn’t want to talk to her. Apparently, he feels like she just won’t let go and is looking for a million different ways to get all up in his business. Oh no he didn’t!

But even more, sources say he thinks it’s pretty two-faced that Selena ripped on him for threatening to delete his account when she told fans she wanted to delete hers back in February.

Even though Selena publically apologized for her comments towards Justin through snapchat saying it was selfish and pointless, maybe she just wants a chance to clear the air personally for bashing him online? Who knows.

But either way, Justin is not letting any of this get to him. Yep, he’s making it pretty clear that it really IS too late to say sorry.

Just yesterday, he was spotted hanging his head out of a car window, looking happier than ever, even smiling at people on the streets in Los Angeles. He sure is making it look like deleting your Instagram might be the way to go.

What do you guys think about Justin ignoring Selena’s calls? Let me know right down here in the comments section below. And as always you can tweet me @RudeUnicorns. Then, click right over here to find out EVEN MORE details about why Justin quit Instagram on the Daily Hollywood Rundown and be sure to hit that subscribe button. I’m your host, Sarah Whittle. Thanks for hanging!

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