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Kate Shibilski will be starting her third season with the Minnesota Vikings. Shibilski and her team lead all of the accounting and finance activities for the Vikings under Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer Steve Poppen. The goal of Shibilski’s team is to be a trusted and reliable resource for the Vikings internal and external partners and provide insight and support in order to mitigate risk and maximize opportunities. The majority of their current focus is tracking every dollar that is part of the U.S. Bank Stadium project (more than $1 billion) in order to provide the most value.

A native of Mankato, Minnesota, Shibilski graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from The University of St. Thomas and is an active CPA. Prior to joining the team, Shibilski started her career serving audit clients in public accounting for six years at Deloitte & Touche, followed by five years at Best Buy in various accounting and finance roles. 

She resides in Minneapolis.


Influential person in my career: The first would be my parents, who never let me doubt my potential and taught me the power of simply believing in yourself and working hard. The ability to stay strong in my convictions while always remaining open-minded in life is something my parents worked very hard at doing and relaying to my sister and me. They continually remind me, “Nothing worth doing is always easy,” and they keep me grounded.

The second is anyone I have worked with professionally who has challenged me to think differently and taken the time to teach me something.

Advice that stuck with me: I have received so much great advice in my career and have had the opportunity to work with amazing people. A few points that stick out are the following:

1) The key to success in all jobs is building and fostering relationships.
2) Your gut is rarely wrong.
3) Ask yourself how you can do things better before you expect others to do the same.
4) Play as hard as you work.

Favorite social media platform: Facebook – I really only know one. My Facebook profile is pretty boring, as you’ll just find photos from my travels. I find social media fascinating, though, so I am learning more and more.

What I love about the Vikings: The history of passion and support from fans and the organization. I was never into football until I started with the Vikings, and this experience has converted me to a fan of the game as well as a culture, based on having the confidence and support to always get better.

Feature of my job I most enjoy: I enjoy tackling the challenges of the sports industry and the opportunity to be a part of so many aspects of the organization. I get to learn the game from players and coaches, understand our operations, partners and fans, and incorporate that knowledge into the financial vision for the company.

Aspect of U.S. Bank Stadium I’m most excited about: I’m most looking forward to the stadium being done and watching all of the hard work from so many people come to life through the eyes of the fans, as no detail was too small to address. Today it is just an impressive building, but I can’t wait for the first game – to see the level of passion and excitement of Vikings fans to provide the full experience. I may, for a brief moment, be speechless. 


One thing about me that would surprise you: The original spelling of my last name is actually “Przybylski” but pronounced Shi-bil-ski. My parents are from a very Polish town (Winona, Minnesota) where those names were common, but when they moved and became small business owners, no one could pronounce the name correctly so they changed it to be phonetic.  The best part is that people still get scared when they see Shibilski and mispronounce it!

What I like …

• Family activity: Traveling – especially supporting the Twins at Spring Training

• Possession: My blanket – I’ve had it since I was little and will never get rid of it. It comes everywhere with me, wherever I travel. Maybe it’s a sense of constant in a chaotic world! I usually don’t get attached to things, so it’s actually strange, but I get anxious if I don’t have it when I go to bed. I’ve purchased new fabric and met with a seamstress to learn about potentially re-covering it but I just can’t go through with it. Yes, I am sure some parents would suggest I should have given it up long ago and moved on, but I have no shame.

• Time of year: Spring in Minnesota; there is a sense of accomplishment each year that we survived another winter, and there is so much to look forward to.

• Music: My go-to is country, but I love anything live or acoustic.

• Gadget/Technology: iPhone

• App: The Vikings app!

• Hobbies: Traveling, outdoor concerts, running around the lake, napping, catching up with friends and family, and happy hour

• Movies: Silver Linings Playbook

• Restaurant: Jake’s Pizza (Mankato, Minnesota)

• Vacation destination: I especially enjoy the Dominican Republic, but anywhere with a beach and warm weather.

• Quote: “Happiness is a right and a choice, not a privilege or a matter of chance.”

Katie Shibilski | Vice President of Finance & Controller – Vikings.com}