Kubiak on Manning’s future: ‘There’s no hurry here’ – NFL.com

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Broncos will continue waitin’ on Peyton.

The future Hall of Famer is set to meet with Gary Kubiak this week, according to Kubiak himself, but as of now Manning has not informed the team of his plans. Manning continues to keep in touch with members of the organization.

“Well, I think the bottom line is we made a decision on how we’re going to go about it,” Kubiak said Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine. “It’s about him taking his time, to work through some things, think through some things. There’s no hurry here. We want him to enjoy what just took place and we’ll go from there.

“Nothing has changed to that point. I think him and John have had some conversations, I had a brief one with him yesterday and we’ll be talking probably today — maybe this week. But I want him to take his time.”

Kubiak is right to a point. However, there is a hurry here. The Broncos need to pacify Brock Osweiler, an impending free agent set to hit the market in two weeks. They need to inform incoming free agents who will be playing quarterback. They need to inform potentially-departing free agents who might be under center. And, Manning’s salary becomes fully guaranteed on March 8.

“I think it’s free agency and all of those things leading up to it,” Kubiak said. “There are obviously time frames in our business, but I think we kind of went through this last year and we’re going to stick to it exactly how we did it last year.”

Kubiak went out of his way to praise Osweiler, calling him a player with a bright future — he said “we want him on our football team” — and suggested that he made progress in his half season under center. For now, that needs to be good enough. For now, all the plans are on hold until the quarterback checks in.

Kubiak on Manning’s future: ‘There’s no hurry here’ – NFL.com