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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — The summer travel season is upon us. AAA estimates 38 million people will hit the road or hop on a plane later this week for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.

While air travel in particular can be stressful, frequent flyers have figured out ways to make it just a bit easier, and a little more affordable. The first tip can be put to use long before you pack your bags.

If you’re looking for a flight, but holding out for a better ticket price, chances are refreshing your browser over and over again will actually work against you. That just drives up demand.

Instead, experts say you should clear your cookies and erase your web browsing history. They say this will give the site the impression it’s dealing with a different customer and you might get different, and hopefully cheaper, results.

Next, people who fly often say booking two one-way flights may be cheaper than a similar round-trip option.

It will take a little extra research on your part to compare fares from different airlines, but it could save you big in the long run.

If you’re tired of those pesky overweight fees on your bags, you might want to change the way you pack.

Try to pack one color scheme, or at least keep things neutral enough that all your clothes match each other.

People who have packing down to a science tend to pack only dark colors. That way everything matches, and stains can be hidden easily thus allowing you to re-wear something if necessary.

Finally, be sure download your airlines’ app. This may seem obvious, but it really could save you a lot of headaches when it comes to last minute gate changes and delays.

As a bonus, some airlines will allow paperless boarding if you have the app, so that’s one less thing to carry, and potentially misplace before take-off.

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Lauren’s List: Travel Tips To Save You Time & Money – CBS Local