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A federal lawsuit filed by six Tennessee students accuses five recent or current UT athletes, including multiple football players, of sexual assault. It describes the school leadership’s investigation process as one that appears especially indifferent to such accusations. Head coach Butch Jones’ name appears about a dozen times, several times alongside documentation that Jones knew of a certain allegation and delivered routine discipline.

And there’s this part about Drae Bowles, a wide receiver who transferred out a few weeks later:

Plaintiff Doe IV received a message from Plaintiff Doe V who was witnessing (at that moment) several football players “jumping” Drae Bowles, a member of the football team that had actually taken Plaintiff Doe IV to the hospital the night of her assault and who had supported her decision to report the incident to the authorities.

Plaintiff Doe IV informed Gilbert, Ward and the head coach at that time and even provided the identities of the players, but was told only “we’ll look into it.”

Plaintiff Doe IV later understood that athletic coaches were present during that altercation but has never been informed of any action was ever taken against the players in reference to that incident.

Days later, Plaintiff Doe IV became aware of a second assault on Drae Bowles in the team facility by the same football players.

All accusations of violence against women are giant concerns. I don’t want to sound like the reason this lawsuit is so alarming is because a man was also allegedly harmed. But if those scenes are accurate, how many damning things does that say about our culture?

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