Masters 2016: Smylie Kaufman says LSU football still more stressful –

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AUGUSTA, Ga. — Smylie Kaufman is playing in the final pairing at the Masters with Jordan Spieth in his first appearance at Augusta National. How cool is that? Kaufman is down just one to the defending champ and was the only golfer to shoot in the 60s on either Friday or Saturday.

He’s one of a handful of golfers who has a real chance to keep Spieth from defending his green jacket. Still, he maintained on Saturday that contending in a major championship is not nearly as stressful as rooting for LSU football. (For reference, Kaufman played golf at LSU).

“LSU football is one of the most painful things to watch ever really,” said Kaufman. “That just speaks to how big of a fan I am, though. [My win last fall in] Vegas is different because I came from so far back. I had to just wait so long to see if I had a chance to win. I think that is why it was so comparable to watching the LSU football game.”

Kaufman noted that a lot of his LSU pals are here enjoying the experience.

“I’ve got my friends that are here that are taking advantage of the great prices Augusta offers on the beer,” said Kaufman. “I’ve got them kind of making the crowds, or making me get pumped up after I make some birdies. It’s cool seeing them out there and kind of sharing this experience with them.”

The problem for Kaufman is that he’s chasing someone who he joked is undefeated against him in their careers in junior golf.

“He’s probably 1,000-0,” said Kaufman. “He’s always beating me. Granted, he was so much better than I was as a junior and amateur. I was kind of a late bloomer in that regard. Just kind of kept on getting better.”

He’ll have to be a lot better on Sunday to knock the king off his throne at Augusta. The best part? He’ll hear some stuff on Sunday he’s never heard in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a LSU football game. And hopefully for him, he’ll be right in the thick of it.

Smylie Kaufman could win Augusta. (USATSI)
Smylie Kaufman could win Augusta. (USATSI)