Mattel’s 3D toy printer gives kids toys on demand –

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NEW YORK, Feb. 16 (UPI) — A new 3D toy printer could bring families the ability to print a wide variety of plastic toys on demand, Mattel and Autodesk announced Monday.

The two companies are teaming to bring back Mattel’s ThingMaker, a literal toy making machine in the 1960s that allowed kids to mold plastic toys in a miniature oven. The new version — at $299.99 — will instead print them up.

The announcement was made a few days ahead of the Toy Fair trade show in Manhattan this weekend.

The ThingMaker, which looks like a small microwave oven, will work with a 3D printing app for iOS and Android and will print customized toys like dolls, dinosaurs, fairies, jewellery, robots and skeletons, among other things. Kids will be able to drag and drop from templates and print one part at a time and then assemble them together.

The app can work for other 3D printers now while kids and tech fans wait for the machine’s October arrival. Pre-orders are now being taken on Amazon. At the same time, researchers will be studying

If ThingMaker is successful, it will be the first 3D printer to reach consumers’ homes.

“We think this is the perfect time for us to come out in the market with a product that’s disruptive in our opinion,” said Aslan Appleman, a senior director at Mattel.

And Mattel is already working on how ThingMaker can be used with some of its other toys, like Hot Wheels and Barbie.

“In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever for families to transcend the digital world and make their ideas real,” said Appleman. “ThingMaker pushes the boundaries of imaginative play, giving families countless ways to customize their toys and let their creativity run wild.”

Mattel’s 3D toy printer gives kids toys on demand –