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We took Mentos and Diet Coke and mixed them together to make high pressure squirt guns for a Mentos and Coke WAR!!! We also show how we made the Mentos and coke guns for your own Mentos and Coke Challenge!!

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Syria War 2016 – Heavy Clashes As Kurdish YPG And Syrian Government Troops Battle Over Al-Qamishli.

Heavy clashes occured recently as Kurdish YPG units together with FSA rebels started heavy fighting and firefights with Syrian government troops from the National Defense Force (NDF) over the control of the northern Syrian town of Qamishli.

The footage shows Kurdish YPG fighters in heavy urban combat in the town that mostly was untouched by the raging Syrian Civil War.

A main battlefield durign the short battle of Al-Qamishli was the Allya prison that was overtaken by Syrian government forces and led to the erruption of the clashes between Kurdish YPG fighters and National Defense Forces.

The battle was won by the Kurds leading to the capturing of at least 50 Syrian government loyalist. About 21 NDF fighters were also KIA.

The Syrian Army shelled Kurdish positions in northern Syria with artillery and mortar fire as a response to the battle.

However after the intervention of a Russian special delegation sent by Vladimir Putin to Qamishlo a truce has been reached between the Kurdish Forces and the forces loyal to Bashar Assad in which the NDF agreed to pull out of the city and leave the security measures to the Kurdish Asayish and YPG forces.

That prevented further escalations between Kurdish militia groups and the Syrian government.

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