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A local school announces some faculty changes.

The current high school Director for the Zanesville Campus of Mid-East, Mike Hawley is moving into the Adult Director position and the Assistant High School Director, Scott Sabino will be taking his place on July 1st.

“I can still remember my interview here as a teacher and I was asked what my Philosophy of Education was and being new and right out of college I really had not thought about it that much. But, I quoted the FAA Modo which is ‘learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live and living to serve’ and Mr. Norm Blaney who was interviewing me for the National Resources position hired me on the spot and I’ve kept that as my philosophy of education over the years,” said Mike Hawley.

Hawley said the best advice he could give Sabino is to build connections, something he may already be working towards.

“It is going to be big shoes to fill he’s got tremendous relationships with the staff and I want to continue that type of mentality and to really work on building those relationships,” said Scott Sabino, Assistant Director, Zanesville Campus of Mid-East.

Sabino said as of now they have not found a person to fill his current position as the Assistant Director.

Mid-East Announces Faculty Changes – WHIZ}