Mini nuclear power stations in UK towns move one step closer –

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But the Local Government Association warned against imposing developments on communities.

An LGA spokesman added: “It must be up to individual communities, through their democratically elected councillors and the planning system, to decide whether any new development is right for them, especially if it will have a significant impact on them. Local views should never be overridden by national policy.”

Anti-nuclear campaigners have long warned against new nuclear power stations, claiming they are costly, dangerous and produce too much waste to be environmentally effective. 

Doug Parr, chief scientist at Greenpeace, also warned that the small reactors will fail because they will be overtaken by other technology before they can be built. 

He told The Sunday Telegraph: “Now that the government and EDF have run into major problems with Hinkley, there is an unhelpful suggestion that smaller reactors are the answer to powering to the UK. That is wrong. 

“Small nuclear reactors were tried and tested in the 1980s. They failed as they were too expensive and reactors became large because of economies of scale. Nothing has changed that simple fact. Small modular reactors mean that the problems of what to do with hazardous nuclear waste and the risks of accident or weapons proliferation are altered but not eliminated. 

“Rather than focusing on a plan that revolves around wishing nuclear power will work and things that may well not be operating for decades, the government should be focussing on what works right now. That’s homegrown, renewable power that is falling in cost, smart efficient buildings, and creating connectors with Europe so that we can import and export renewable power when we need to.”

Mini nuclear power stations in UK towns move one step closer –