Mitsubishi has manipulated emissions data –

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Mitsubish says there is “no reason to believe” that UK cars are affected by an emissions-rigging scandal which has wiped $1.2bn off the market value of the Japanese car giant.

Lance Bradley, managing director of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, said: “I would like to reassure everyone that there is no evidence to suggest that UK or European models are affected.”

The manufacturer admitted today that it had falsified fuel economy test data to make emissions levels look more favourable, sending shares in the company tumbling more than 15pc.

Some 22,693 new Mitsubishi cars were sold in the UK last year, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. This represents just 0.9pc of the UK market.

Tetsuro Aikawa, president of Japan’s sixth-largest automaker by market value, bowed in apology at a news conference in Tokyo for what is the biggest scandal at Mitsubishi since a defect cover-up over a decade ago.

The problem was reportedly found after Nissan pointed out inconsistencies in data, the company said. 

Mitsubishi then conducted an internal probe and found that tire pressure data was falsified to make mileage appear better than it actually was.

“The wrongdoing was intentional. It is clear the falsification was done to make the mileage look better. But why they would resort to fraud to do this is still unclear,” Mr Aikawa said.

He said that although he was unaware the irregularities were happening, “I feel responsible”.

Mitsubishi has manipulated emissions data –