‘Money trail’ leads from Mexico border straight to Mideast – WND.com

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Germans steamed over sausage bans to coddle Muslims

Report: Illegals race to beat Trump’s border wall

Minnesota caucus: All Somalian, little American

Immigration watchdog: Too many ‘establishment ghosts’ haunt Cruz

Doctors rip Obama for opening border to exotic STDs

‘Radical idea’ to let illegals vote in NYC

Senator warns Canada tripling Syrian refugee flow

Franklin Graham to pope: Build bridge to Trump

Feds failed 3 times to deport illegal arrested for murder

Rush: What about Vatican’s border ‘walls’?

Facebook called to censor ‘sexist, racist’ posts

Magazine shocks with ‘Islamic rape of Europe’ cover

Dad of man slain by illegal goes nuclear on sanctuary-city champion

Teens charged in gruesome killing entered U.S. as ‘kids’

Study: Migrants in Honduras aren’t ‘fleeing violence’

Top U.S. intel official: ISIS agents hiding among refugees

Ex-Mexico prez: We’re not building Trump’s ‘stupid wall’

Americans are ‘being betrayed by their own president’

Bombshell: Obama cutting border surveillance in half

Violence, repression pushing Europe toward ‘civil war’

Border security in shambles under Obama

How Trump, Cruz and Rubio flip-flopped on key issue

Thousands of Cubans crossing Texas border

3,000 of 6 million illegal visa overstays investigated by DHS

Bill Gates: U.S. needs to take in more refugees

Supremes get ‘personal’ with Sheriff Joe in illegal-alien fight

Obama ‘on strike against will of American people’

Germany to Muslim refugees: ‘Please don’t poop in showers’

Germans ‘betray own people to a future of bloodshed’

Supreme Court to hear Obama’s amnesty appeal

Obama grants ‘refugee’ status to new wave of migrants

GOP promises amnesty in Hispanic SOTU response

Illegals with ties to MS-13 arrested for murder

GOP elite schemed with Haley to bash Trump

Ann Coulter: Trump ‘should deport’ Nikki Haley

Hillary calls for end to immigration raids

Illegals given nearly 50% of California driver’s licenses

GOP lawmaker slams Ryan’s ‘guest-worker’ program

Rubio blasts ‘fiancé visa’ after trying to expand program

Terror-tied Pakistanis caught at Southern border

Net migration to U.S. adds 1 person every 29 seconds

Obama launches ‘secret’ new immigration scheme

Obama’s ‘deportation raids’ likely designed to trip Trump

‘Traitors’ who voted for Ryan’s omnibus ‘need to go’

Did Paul Ryan lie about guest-worker impact on jobs?

Paul Ryan builds border fence around family’s mansion

$1.6 billion to aid illegals in Ryan’s budget bill

‘Middle Eastern’ woman caught ‘surveilling’ U.S. facility

Franklin Graham: Halt ALL immigration to U.S.

Secret deal quadruples foreign workers in U.S.

Cruz reminds of Rubio’s support for amnesty

1st terrorism, now unvetted aliens blamed for TB surge

Attack of the clones: Illegals use fake Border Patrol vehicle

Cruz, Sessions target ‘guest-worker’ law

Senate rushes to thwart Trump-inspired Muslim bans

Trump: Ban all Muslim entry to U.S. for now

Illegals sue Oregon over denial of driver’s licenses

Obama’s Thanksgiving lecture: Take in refugees

Obama to states: You don’t have power to stop refugees

Governor sued for blocking Syrian refugees

Schlafly: Ship illegals out of U.S. on trains

Whoopi Goldberg: ‘Hitler was a Christian’

Americans: Arrest Muslims for beating wives

Americans want loyalty promise from visitors

Sheriff Joe beats Obama to Supreme Court on amnesty

Schlafly: Immigration is biggest fight for America

Court clamps Obama’s immigration hopes

Rand Paul reminds: Rubio joined Dems for amnesty

House GOP seeks flood of foreign ‘guest workers’

Pro-migrant France shuts borders for climate-change crowd

Illegals present demands via ‘Bill of Rights’

‘Amnesty’ kids hurl F-bombs at ‘racist’ Trump

Swedes find weapons stash at migrant center

Voters toss San Fran’s pro-sanctuary sheriff

Polish soccer fans unfurl massive anti-migration banner

Obama to defy court, forge ahead on amnesty

Texas primed to fast-track sanctuary-cities bill

GOP honchos now swooning over ‘amnesty man’

Refugee swarm dubbed downfall of EU

‘Astonishing’ crime stats for illegal aliens

‘Refugee children’ sporting beards beg bucks in Sweden

Obama presses mass school enrollment of illegals

Border Patrol exits college job fair after backlash

Migrants from terrorist nations caught crossing U.S. border

Professor: Left has secret weapon to kill gun rights

Obama’s trick or treat: 6,000 convicts go free

Marco Rubio: Disney’s outsourcing ‘enabler’?

Open borders activist gets stabbed by refugees

Illegals sue Missouri colleges for tooâhigh tuition

41 new sanctuary cities in just 4 months

Illegal immigrants don’t need to voteto help Hillary win

Arabic fastest-growing language in U.S.

Toys ‘R’ Us ships in foreigners, ousts U.S. workers

Rubio ‘aligned with Obama’ on immigration

John Walsh: Trump ‘1 crazy bastard’

Europe facing ‘invasion’ of refugees who are ‘fit men’

‘Ludicrous, unrealistic and insulting to Americans’

Immigrants blast U.N. immigration policy

John Kerry: U.S. to take 100,000 refugees by 2017

‘Money trail’ leads from Mexico border straight to Mideast – WND.com}