New Reports Confirm That The Playstation 4.5 Is Real – Tech Times

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Although most discussion about the PlayStation 4.5 up to this point has been mostly rumor, new sources indicate that the Playstation 4.5 is actually a real thing.

Digital Foundry, as reported by Eurogamer, recently confirmed that Sony already has 4.5 prototype and that the company refers to it as the “PlayStation 4K.” This confirms what other reliable sources have also stated, suggesting that Sony plans on releasing a new console with enough processing power to handle 4K gaming at the same quality as current games, which run at 1080p, although cramming all that power into a box the size of a PlayStation probably isn’t realistic.

“Everything we’ve heard positions PlayStation 4K as a machine capable of playing current and next-generation ultra HD media, while also offering support for other aspects of the 4K spec, such as high-dynamic range and a wider colour gamut – aspects of the 4K spec that could be introduced to gaming,” writes Eurogamer. “However, in terms of additional computational power, we’ve got be realistic about what Sony can deliver with a mid-generation refresh.”

Eurogamer has three ideas about what the PlayStation 4K really is, though: a console with a better, and faster, processor; a console with a few 4K features or a slimmer version of the PlayStation 4 with better specs.

It seems odd that Sony would release something that might compete with the PlayStation 4, splitting its market, so before we all get excited, it’s likely that the PlayStation 4K is just a PlayStation 4 Slim. Not only is the PlayStation 4 still relatively new in its life cycle, but it’s also been a success for Sony: it’s not clear if gamers would purchase a second upgraded console if they’ve already invested in the standard PlayStation 4.

To date, Sony has not yet commented on the existence or viability of the PlayStation 4K and gamers might not hear anything from the company for some time. Consumers buy consoles because they don’t want to have to worry about upgrading their gaming machines for seven to eight years – the typical game console life cycle – so it’s likely a release of an additional console so early in the game could result in consumer backlash. Sony is likely aware of that, so whatever they have planned, it better be good.

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New Reports Confirm That The Playstation 4.5 Is Real – Tech Times