NFL fan says Aaron Rodgers is ruining the game of football –

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Internet commenters are going to have to start stepping up their game, because the online comment section is no longer the place for the hottest of hot takes: Once again, that honor now belongs to the “Letters to the Editor” section of your local newspaper.

Back in November, a mom in Tennessee wrote a letter to the Charlotte Observer to let everyone know that she was offended by Cam Newton‘s end zone moves.

Two months later, another person wrote to the Charlotte Observer to share their opinion on Newton. In this letter, the writer said that Newton being an unwed father set a bad example for young children.

This time around, no one’s complaining about Newton, but they are complaining about another NFL quarterback: Aaron Rodgers.

In a letter to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, a reader wrote that Rodgers is ruining the game of football (via Twitter/JSComments).

That’s a rough letter.

For one, the guy spelled Rodgers’ last name wrong. That seems like a red flag on this guy’s football knowledge. I’m also guessing he’s not a Packers fan, because you’d think any fan would want the team to get five free yards whenever possible. I like that he’s watching out for the kids though. You always have to watch out for the kids.

The writer of the letter isn’t the only person who wants Rodgers’ hard count banned, so does this guy.

Anyway, the good news for Rodgers is that not everyone wants the hard count banned.

It looks like Rodgers will have a big decision to make next season: Keep doing the hard count and lose two fans, or drop the hard count and keep all the other fans. I’m guessing he’ll go with option 2.

Aaron Rodgers’ hard count is a problem for some people.