Oil jumps above $50 – Yahoo Finance

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Wall Street is hoping to keep the two-day rallly going as Brent crude prices rise above $50 a barrel and investors await the latest data on durable goods and jobless claims.  

Here are some of the other stories Yahoo Finance is keeping an eye on today.

Second biggest IPO hits market
U.S. Foods raises a billion dollars for this year’s second largest initial public offering. The company priced at 44.4 million shares at $23. Is this a sign the IPO market is starting to pick up? 

Online lending investigation
New York’s financial regulator plans to investigate online lenders. No word on which companies will be examined, only that broader industry practices will be looked into, that’s according to Reuters. But what kind of major changes may be coming to the industry?

The fight for $15 an hour
Hundreds of people protested outside McDonald’s corporate offices. They want higher wages, better benefits and union rights. But one former executive says, even if they win, they’ll ultimately lose.




Oil jumps above $50 – Yahoo Finance}