One of the #BringBackOurGirls was found. This is what she knows. – USA TODAY

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One down. More than 200 to go.

The girls are still there. In the woods. Almost all 219 of them. That’s what Amina Ali Nkeki, one of the schoolgirls who was kidnapped in 2014 by Boko Haram, said when she was rescued from captivity, activists said Wednesday. Traumatized and carrying a baby, she made it far enough away from her captors by saying she was fetching firewood. She was found in the fringes of the Sambisa forest by a local group of vigilantes that fights Boko Haram, and her intel has renewed calls to #BringBackOurGirls. The young woman will have to re-assimilate into her old life, but reports show women and girls abducted by Boko Haram face mistrust and persecution when they eventually return home. Boko Haram, whose attacks on schools have forced thousands of people to give up on getting an education, loosely translates to “Western education is forbidden.”

Obama throws a bone to the middle class in the form of time-and-a-half wages

It feels like an Oprah moment: “And YOU get overtime pay. And YOU get overtime pay.” A new federal regulation that feels good for employees and maybe not-so-great for employers aims to put more money in workers’ pockets. Who are these people? About 4.2 million white-collar workers who earn more than $23,660 a year (current threshold where workers become exempt from making overtime) but less than $47,476 (new threshold). From college athletics to small businesses, employers have to figure out how to balance the books. Some plan to cut employees’ base pay to offset the overtime, effectively skirting the requirement. That would not be one of Oprah’s favorite things.

Hell yeah she did. Robin Wright went all Claire Underwood IRL to get paid the same as Kevin Spacey

Claire Underwood (the calculating first lady Robin Wright plays on House of Cards) would be so proud. Here’s what she did: After learning she was earning $420,000 an episode, compared to co-star Kevin Spacey’s $500,000, she simply demanded to make the same amount. And, she told the Rockefeller Foundation in an interview about closing the gender pay gap. She threatened to go public if she didn’t get it. (“Marie Claire” picked up the interview, too.) “…I capitalized on it. I was like, ‘You better pay me or I’m going to go public,'” Wright said. “And they did.” Now, if only Frank Underwood was actually running for the White House this year …

Speaking of the 2016 race, we’re still talking about Trump’s sorry-not-sorry to Megyn Kelly

“You’ve been called a lot worse” than bimbo. Nope, that’s not an apology. Megyn Kelly finally got her interview with Donald Trump as the pair discussed his comments about women, his polarizing messages and, of course, their feud. What the Fox News host didn’t get was an “I’m sorry.” In the much-hyped interview, Trump acknowledged his attacks on her, but he stopped short of apologizing. When all was said and done (the interview was pre-taped),he tweeted a congratulations to her. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on those tax returns, Donald.

This should make you feel better if your city isn’t that fit

D.C. has been named the fittest city in the land for the third year in a row. But before you start hating on the nation’s capital, there’s something you should know. According to the American Fitness Index, Washingtonians made the running because they live near parks and take public transportation. So, if you drive to work and only walk to the mailbox, you’re in good company with the rest of middle America. Kudos to Indianapolis for making us all feel better. They came in dead last.

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One of the #BringBackOurGirls was found. This is what she knows. – USA TODAY

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