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WAKAYAMA, JAPAN – China tourists have a reputation for being rude and loud wherever they go, but this man wasn’t satisfied with those labels and felt the need to add ‘perverted’ to the list.

In Japan’s Shirahama Onsen, police arrested a tourist from China for sneaking into the women’s side of the hot springs.

The 36 year old man had attempted to disguise himself with make-up, painted fingernails, and a wig. He snuck into the women’s side of the nude baths and whipped out his selfie stick to snap a few photos.

One of the women reported him to the staff and staff members dragged the man from the hot springs into the arms of waiting police.

The man claimed he’d only snuck into the women’s side of the baths because he’d heard that the view from the women’s side was better.

Does he honestly think anyone believes he went there for the scenery?


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