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“Hi Sandman can you please talk about women wanting protection overseas or similar when they go away on trips. ALL of my ex girlfriends have toured the whole world with their partners, usually on the man’s dime. Often times they break up with these men literally as they get back here to Australia. It just begs the question, “Did they ever actually even like him? Or were they just afraid/couldn’t afford to go overseas by themselves?” Well Troy thanks for the donation and topic. These men are obviously being used by women to travel the world and then are discarded like used tampons and she simply goes on to find a different man. And the new guy doesn’t know about the guys that took her away before. She keeps the new guy in the dark about the old guy. The last girl I dated we were planning a trip and she was asking me to take individual pictures of her standing in all the important places. And I of course wouldn’t be in any of those pictures. She probably figured the relationship wasn’t going to last so she probably wanted to make it look as though she went on the trip all alone. No doubt to make herself appear to be more independent then she was. In your case Troy why did your ex girlfriends even share that they were taken around the world on another man’s dime. That’s usually information they keep secret to make it look as though they are strong independent world travelers. But we all know they had a beta male shlub shelp all their luggage around. I have only ever paid once for a woman’s trip. And that was for a five year anniversary and took my girlfriend on an adventure that she was happy with but she still said the trip was about me and not her. The trip I just came back, or hope to come back from because I’m writing this this video script two days before I leave, is the second road trip I’ve taken alone. The first one was only two to three days. And this one was two and a half weeks. I stay in the hotels I want and don’t have to compromise on anything. That to me is freedom and that’s the freedom I enjoy only as a man. Because I don’t know a single woman that would be willing or able to organize their own two and a half week adventure planning everything out.

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