Putin ‘weaponizing’ migrant crisis to hurt Europe – CNBC

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Continuing his warning on Russian military aggression, Breedlove said in a written statement to the committee, which accompanied his testimony, that despite the U.S. And Europe trying to engage with Russia as a partner in the past “it is now clear that Russia does not share common security objectives with the West.”

“Instead, it continues to view the United States and NATO as a threat to its own security. Since the beginning of 2014, President Putin has sought to undermine the rules-based system of European security and attempted to maximize his power on the world stage,” he said.

He told the hearing that Russian aggression was one of two “primary threats to our security interests,” the other being growing instability in the Middle East and particularly the rise of the militant group, the so-called Islamic State, which he said was “spreading like a cancer.”

Breedlove was speaking to the committee in support of more funding for U.S. forces in Europe, a region which the U.S. views as a key strategic partner to prevent Russian gaining more geopolitical influence. He said Russia saw the U.S and NATO as an obstacle to its reestablishing its position on the world stage and wanted to “rewrite international rules.”

“Russia seeks to fracture our unity and challenge our resolve,” he said, “Russia recognizes strength and sees weakness as its opportunity.”

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Putin ‘weaponizing’ migrant crisis to hurt Europe – CNBC