Report: TMZ paid over $100000 for the Ray Rice elevator video –

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Big Secret:

The reason why Goodell worked so hard to lie and collude with Baltimore (he colluded with Harbaugh in Deflategate’s lie as well), is because Rice’s cap hit was 9.5 mil in 2015.

As you can see, Baltimore, a perennial Wild Card or playoff team in general, has given the Pats problems in the past.

Without Rice and the cap hit if Rice was to be released under public pressure for what we saw on that tape, Baltimore would be in trouble in terms the quality of their 2015 team. Hmm.

Goodell needs Jax in London by 2020, before his re-election, as it’s part of his “measurables”.

Jax ALSO plays in the AFC.

Without parity, there is no way Goodell can sell an NFL team in London, because of investors’ obvious fears competing with the English Premier League, amongst everything else our society is distracted with in this day and age.

Ever wonder why everyone feels an NFL team in London would fail terribly, but why the owners are so sold on it?? Yeah, well…..

London is clearly a better financial market than Jacksonville, FL, but the demand for American football is not. The owners know the N. American market is now over-saturated and that Jax is the one last franchise now not getting any ROI whatsoever.

Note how all these AFC teams cheat alongside Goodell. Denver, Indy, Baltimore, the Jets, etc, etc, etc.

They all use Goodell to go after the Patriots because the Patriots represent a roadblock not only for their own selfish financial gains, but for everyone else’s, including Goodell’s.

READ THAT AGAIN IF YOU NEED TO. Goodell gets a cut of what the owners get based on the CBA’s language, which is why his salary fluctuates. He could make 30 million one year or 44 million the next year, but it’s the CBA that dictates how the money is distributed out.

But, when it comes time to punish those teams, there is no punishment or very little. Or, there is a complete cover up or in the Pats cases, complete misrepresentations to the public via ESPN to punish NE to try to keep or improve PARITY.

Mike Tomlin of the Steelers acts unprofessional and it’s 100K for a fine.

Belichick mocks Mangini in broad daylight in retalation of a stupid rule change wording in a memo (that’s actually not legal/rule changes need to be voted on) and it’s 750K in fines and a 1st rd pick?

Goodell is colluding with these AFC teams, not named the Patriots, because he needs to keep parity. It’s that simple.

NE will likely go to its SIXTH STRAIGHT AFC Title game next year, and possibly, the Super Bowl.

Read that again if you need to. Read it good.

THAT is why the witch hunts exist, why the facts are manipulated and framed out front, using ESPN to spread the lies, to garner public support against a society that is jealous/hates the Pats.

It’s also why Goodell fought to have Baltimore keep Ray Rice.

No sane educated adult would be arguing to help Ray Rice, especially considering Goodell’s track record with off field incidents, where he easily talks to law enforcement, judges, etc, and reviews the evidence, regardless of the legal outcome. See Roethlisberger as an example.

Folks, you’ve been had/duped by the commissioner of a billion dollar business called the NFL.

And now? It’s all to get Kahn’s Jags in London, one more team in the AFC, that the Patriots are blocking from accomplishing in doing.




Arrest, try and convict Goodell.

Report: TMZ paid over $100000 for the Ray Rice elevator video –