Rescued circus lions land in South Africa –

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Female lions may receive contraceptive medications so they can remain with their mates, while males may undergo vasectomies to make sure that no lions are bred in captivity.

“The animals have no conservation value whatsoever. Many of them have been inbred,” she said. “When we are sure that no breeding will take place, we allow males to interact with females. By then a pattern will have emerged … and we will know which lions can be placed together.”

Emoya was opened in 2012, when Heuser was 16. The sanctuary’s first cat, a lion rescued from Cairo called Chanel, arrived in June 2013. The sanctuary is currently home to eight big cats, including two Siberian tigers.

The lions are part of 100 animals that were rescued in Peru. Bears, monkeys, birds and other native wildlife have been relocated to sanctuaries in Peru and a tiger has been sent to a new home in Florida.

Rescued circus lions land in South Africa –