‘Rock Band 4’ to get online multiplayer later this year – Engadget

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At the Pax East convention, Harmonix also announced that Battleborn characters Miko and Thorn will be added in May. Then, later in the month, players will gain the ability to use a second drum pedal with their plastic kit. Rounding out the Spring updates will be a practice mode in June, allowing perfectionists to slow down songs and loop tricky sections.

The summer will be a quiet affair, as Harmonix focuses on a larger expansion pack for the fall. The developer is staying tight-lipped on the details, hinting only that it’ll include “brand-new, never-before-seen features” that “add some really interesting ways to play the game.” Intriguing. All will be revealed, the company claims, at E3 later this year.

Rock Band 4 is an attempt to rekindle the phenomenal popularity of the original Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. It doesn’t change the underlying formula, instead fine-tuning the mechanics that were so popular in earlier entries. There are a few new additions, such as freestyle guitar solos, but otherwise it’s the same gameplay coupled with a fresh song list. For some people, that’s enough to jump back in, and now Harmonix is supporting that group with a slow trickle of updates.

Just don’t expect a PC version any time soon. After its crowdfunding campaign on Fig fell short, it’s safe to say the game is staying console-only. A version for virtual reality headsets? Now that’s another story.

‘Rock Band 4’ to get online multiplayer later this year – Engadget

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