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With the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge recently launched, focus has now shifted towards the Galaxy Note 6. We attempt to shed some light on viable rumors so far, so users can manage expectations.

The question as to whether the display would be increased in size attracted plenty of traction. The Note 5 and Note 6 carried a 5.7 inch display, but the new iteration is being speculated to carry a 5.8 inch screen, and adds the previously missing Quad HD display.

The S7 smartphone series boosted pre-order sales having introduced the Gear VR in collaboration with Facebook, which is providing the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset for Samsung’s flagship device. Enthusiasts looking to buy the tablet are bound to be hoping it is available with the phablet as well. Nobody would want to miss out on optimum gameplay, video, and image viewing, if the smartphone comes with a 4K resolution.

The aforementioned features naturally require impressive processing performance. Which brings us to what we should expect from the device in terms of brainpower. It’s being said the device will be powered by two chipset variants, one for the Snapdragon 820, and the other, to integrate with the Exynos 8890 (or an upgraded version).

Last month, the company informed its audience that its new 256 GB universal flash storage supports reading and writing speeds of up to 850 MB/s and 260 MB/s respectively. Let’s also have our fingers crossed for the Note 6 to include UFS 2.0.

For most of us, most importantly, what can we reasonably expect from the shooters? Speculation suggests the Galaxy Note 6 back camera is going to be a low-light camera at 12MP, originally introduced to Galaxy devices through the Galaxy S7 smartphone. The camera is not the only baton the S7 has thrown forward; the flagship phablet will also have support for a microSD card, wireless charging, and a water resistant chassis.

The pleasing array of features is worth little if a powerful battery isn’t working overtime under the hood. Rumors suggest Samsung is upgrading the previous capacity of 3600 mAh battery, to 4000 mAh. A USB Type-C port is poised to be the cherry on top.

The release date has not been announced, but there are elements we can study, to make an educated guess. Many say that since the Note 5 was released in August last year, the company will opt for around the same time this year, for the latest model of the device. But since the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus are also scheduled to be released soon, the company could consider moving its dates around. Also, with the Android N mobile Operating System being rolled out this October, the new phablet is likely to have Android Marshmallow pre-installed.

A rumor suggests Samsung has been working on a phablet dock for the Note 6, but there is no way to be certain it will be added. The company has already obtained a patent for a phablet that can also be used as a laptop hybrid device. It could perhaps enable placing the smartphone in a phablet dock on a laptop-like shell. If this goes mainstream, it could have laptop manufacturers worried. But we think chances are, this will not change that most people want a church and state separation between their portable and ultra-portable profile.

As the closest rival, the features of the iPhone 7 Plus could also influence features. The iPhone 7 plus is rumored to have a 2GB RAM with an improved multi-3D Touch display, USB Type C connector, and wireless ear buds. The irritating bulging camera and ugly antenna are being said to be scrapped. The plainest irony comes from the fact that the iPhone 7 plus would most likely come with 256 GB storage. Samsung recently revealed the UFS 2.0 which boasts the same storage space.

If the rumors turn out to be true, the Note 6 seems like a great catch. What remains to be seen is, when it will be released, and perhaps, what Apple’s device will carry, to disarm it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6: The Rumours Leading Up To Release – Bidness ETC