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A video posted on one of Samsung’s official YouTube channels appears to reveal some of the features of the upcoming Galaxy S7 ahead of a planned launch event on Sunday.

Breaking rank, Samsung Indonesia uploaded Get Ready for #TheNextGalaxy – and the film seems to show the new handset in a number of situations, highlighting several features expected on the device.

It shows Indonesian archer Dellie Threesyadinda working out with a new handset, showing off its wireless charging, water resistance and synchronicity with the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. The minute-long advert is Samsung’s most extensive play yet regarding the next handset.

However, Alphr isn’t 100 per cent convinced she is using the new handset, arguing that nowhere in the clip is an explicit reference to the Galaxy S7 made and that the phone looks a bit like the soon-to-be outgoing Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. However, they do say there are resemblances between the video’s handset and the one in the press renders leaked over the last few weeks, though.

The Independent is less convinced, pointing out that David Ruddock, the editor of Android Police, has tweeted to confirm the handset in the video is a placeholder.

However, they do think the advert makes reference to the features set to be on the next phone. Waterproofing and changes to the camera have both been heavily rumoured and are both referenced.

Samsung has had a hard time keeping things under wraps ahead of the phone’s debut and the company’s Indonesian subsidiary seems keen to push early information and hype up the launch – as well as the video, there is the discovery of an official teaser site for Sunday’s Samsung Unpacked event.

It’s unclear if the “leaks” from official channels have been accidental or part of an intentional plan to build up interest in the Galaxy 7 – something vital if Samsung is really to take the fight to Apple in the smartphone market this year.

Samsung Galaxy S7: leaks revela new colours and price drop

16 February

Freshly leaked press renders of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones have revealed the colour options available just days ahead of the official unveil, scheduled for the eve of next week’s Mobile World Congress next week – as well as a new report suggesting the price of the phone when it goes on sale.

Samsung is due to reveal their next flagship handsets at the Unpacked event on 21 February, but few surprises as to what the handset will look like will be left in store considering a series of exposes have already divulged the designs in detail.

The most recent pictures come from noted leaker Evan Blass, who also posted the first press renderings of the Galaxy S7 in January.

According to the images, the phone will be available in black, silver, and gold guises – a change from the emerald, black, white, and gold pallet of the Galaxy S6, though TechRadar says it’s still possible that the green and white tints could form part of the line-up.

Seeing the phone in these colours has also shone clearer light on the exact shape of the Galaxy S7, with Android Authority saying the back is “clearly more curved” than the outgoing S6.

Separately, a report by Dutch tech website Tweakers hinting at what the S7 and S7 Edge handsets could cost has been picked up my more mainstream technology sites, such as SlashGear. According to the tip, the standard S7 will cost around €699 (£540), with the larger Edge model coming with a premium of €100 more, for a UK price of about £620.

For that price, it’s rumoured Samsung will be adding a Gear virtual reality headset for those who pre-order. The handsets are expected to ship on 11 March.

Forbes notes that the pricing strategy – if true – is aggressive and exactly the kind of approach Samsung needs to take if it is to take the fight to Apple.

The latest flagships will be “competitive” against the new iPhones when they arrive in September, and the leaked prices represent a €50 (£39) drop in comparison to how much the soon to be outgoing Galaxy S6 sold for when it was first introduced.

Compared to its key rival, the magazine adds that “If Apple keeps its pricing structure consistent for the iPhone 7 as it did with previous devices, then it will definitely be more expensive than the Galaxy S7.”

Regarding European prices, the iPhone 6S and 6S plus are priced at €739 (£571) and €849 (£656) respectively, so if the Samsung prices are true, it could be a real steal over the Apple product, free virtual reality headset notwithstanding.

Forbes also picks up on a recent leak regarding the battery capacity of the Galaxy S7. According to several sources around the web, the Samsung device will come with a 3600 mAh battery – a 1000 mAh increase over the Galaxy S6 Edge.

With this increase, the S7 should be able to support around 24 hours of talk time, 18 hours of video playback, and around 69 hours of music on a single charge.

Samsung Galaxy S7: VR headset pre-order bonus rumoured

12 February

Consumers who pre-order the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S7 will also receive one of the company’s Gear virtual reality headsets, according to several sources on the internet.                                  

Both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets are to be revealed at a launch event on 21 February, the day before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where most rival device-makers will reveal their smartphones.

Customers will reportedly be able to pre-order the new handset from the reveal – and as an extra incentive, those who do so before 10 March will be given a free virtual reality headset to use with the phone if they register online.

However, Android Authority says it is not known if the device has been modified or updated at all for Samsung’s next generation of devices. Nor has the 21 February pre-order date been officially confirmed, although previous form suggests order books will open the day the device is revealed.

Samsung offering the smartphone VR headset as an incentive is a win for both consumers and the company itself, says TechRadar.

First, early adopters of the smartphone will receive savings of £80 on an accessory that is “incredibly fun to use”, plus the bundle offers a great way to get into virtual reality for those who do not wish to either go out of their way to get a headset or spend a large amount of money on one of the far more expensive dedicated devices, such as the £599 Oculus Rift.

For Samsung, it means more Gear VR devices will find owners just as the virtual reality headset competition, especially in the lower-cost, smartphone-compatible range, starts to heat up.

Critics say Samsung must generate hype around its new device and steal an early march on Apple if the Galaxy S7 is to truly take the fight to the iPhone 7, which is due to launch in September. According to Forbes, the South Koreans are closing in. In the United States, Samsung now has a 31 per cent market share to Apple’s 40 – setting the company up for a decent run as its US rival.

Apple has yet to officially delve into investing heavily in VR applications for its smartphones, so providing early adopters with the technology is immediately something Samsung can exploit to get one over its key rival.

Samsung Galaxy S7: more leaks and new pictures of handset

09 February

New photographs of Samsung’s next flagship handset – the Galaxy S7 – have leaked onto the internet, giving us our clearest look at the new phone yet.

Previous sneak peeks came in the form of official press images to be circulated by Samsung, but Alphr reports that hands-on photographs of the handset have now been posted on the web ahead of a reveal event on 21February, prior to the phone going on display at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The first picture, posted to Vietnamese website Review Dao, shows the rear of the S7. “Aside from the nice curvy back, the main thing to report here is the handset’s new, slimmed-down camera hump,” notes the tech website.

Samsung is rumoured to have decreased the total megapixel count on the S7 in comparison to the S6. Apparently, the new phone will use a 12-megapixel camera mated to better software and sensors over the 16-megapixel setup used on the outgoing model. The photo does not confirm the rumour, but the camera setup “does look different from its predecessor”.

The second picture picked up on by Alphr, posted to Chinese social media website Weibo, shows the larger “Edge” model due to launch alongside the standard Galaxy S7 and is a hands-on of the next curved-screen phone. The Verge notes the colour of the handsets, saying the black casing is a change from the dark blue used on the S6 models, but everything else is “pretty much what you’d envision”.

Allied to the new images are a series of fresh leaks. Most importantly, Tech Radar reports that according to “a source high up at one of the UK’s major networks”, Samsung has decided not to introduce an even larger S7 Edge Plus model to the UK or European market and instead will re-introduce its Note range of phablets.

The news could disappoint Galaxy fans, but Tech Radar says: “Not launching the brilliant Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in Europe was one of Samsung’s strangest decisions in recent times so this news should please the many phableteers who’ve been left without an obvious upgrade this year.” The Galaxy Note 6 will launch in the UK in August.

Lastly, 9 to 5 Google lists a recent leak regarding the kinds of accessories users will be able to buy when the S7 goes on sale. According to its report, several new case options with features such as a keyboard case and an “LED flip view cover” will be available. But the website says the most notable addition is the “Backpack case”, featuring a 2,700mAh battery for huge talk-time and bundled with a wireless charging kit.

Samsung Galaxy S7 leak: launch date and pictures

05 February

Samsung is set to reveal its new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones on 21 February – one day before the Mobile World Conference begins in Barcelona, where it was previously thought the phone would be unveiled.

The date has been announced in a teaser trailer for the company’s next “Unpacked” event.

“The invitation includes an image of a shadowy cube with two edges glowing to form a ‘7’, suggesting that we will indeed see the Galaxy S7 at this event”, says The Verge.

However, the first press shots of the phone hit the internet prior to Samsung’s announcement.

Famed leaker Evan Bliss posted the first two renderings of the upcoming phone on Twitter, confirming the design of the handsets, as well as their differing sizes.

Many critics have noted that on the face of it, the new phone could have been designed with an old S6 and some tracing paper.

“Unless there are significant deviations on the back or right sides, or the other colours end up being noticeably different, the phone looks nearly identical”, adds Stuff.

“Small changes aren’t usually Samsung’s style. But the S6 had one of the best smartphone designs it’s ever shipped, so it makes sense that Samsung is sticking with what works”, says The Verge of the design. adds that over the years Samsung has introduced major revisions to its Galaxy S handsets, “but maybe they are starting to go down the Apple route and only releasing major changes every couple of years”. They expect a massive design overhaul on the Galaxy S8 though.

Despite the S7 appearing to carry over much of its design from its predecessor, it’s the Edge where differences begin. The two renders confirm it is a larger handset, possibly measuring 5.5ins.

Techinsider does point out one subtle change though. The edges on the front and back of the regular S7 phone are ever so slightly more rounded than those of the outgoing S6.

They add that the leak only confirms two new Galaxy handsets for now, but that an S7 Edge+ is a possibility later this year, given than Samsung introduced an S6 Edge+ in August. Doing so could give the handset a bump in the eye of the consumer prior to the launch of the iPhone 7 later this year.

But for now, the two strong iPhone 6 and 6 Plus-like product line seems inspired by Apple, and it’s rumoured Samsung could introduce similar pressure-sensitive 3D touch capabilities to the phones.

The event, in three weeks’ time, will almost certainly see Samsung set a release date for its newest smartphone. According to 9 to 5 Google, Samsung will launch in the US on 11 March, but we won’t definitively know a date for Europe until the reveal event.

Forbes notes the timing of the reveal, highlighting a potentially interesting battle between Samsung and Apple, which is heavily rumoured to be introducing a new entry level phone this spring.

Samsung could use this as an opportunity to damage its rival by starting 2016 off with strong sales of a new flagship model. Compared to the rumoured iPhone 5E, the Galaxy S7 will have “far more technical might, and should be a stronger seller”, says Forbes. It could do noticeable damage to the Apple brand ahead of the iPhone 7 launch.

Alternatively, they argue, the Apple reveal leaves Samsung in danger of being dwarfed and could set them up for a strong showing when the iPhone 7 arrives in September.

In a separate article for the magazine, Ewan Spence mulls over the importance of the handset for Samsung and what kinds of strategies it must marry to the release of what seems to be impressive hardware.

He argues the leaks pointing to the new Galaxy S7 phones being extremely powerful and functional devices won’t be enough for Samsung if it is to challenge Apple in 2016. It must focus on “telling the story of the S7, making the handset desirable and promoting Samsung as an innovator in the smartphone space,” he says.

A slight swell in the figures on the specifications sheet of the new handset isn’t sufficient, he argues; Samsung must present the Galaxy S7 as a whole package allied to a strong product range. “It needs to present everything a customer wants and a little bit more magic”.

Samsung can achieve this straight from launch. If the Unpacked event, at which the S7 models will be seen, is presented in such a way that not only enthuses people about the handset but also gets word out to iPhone users that Samsung is making a serious competitor, the company can start to think about taking sales from Apple device as it begins to decline.

Running a tight ship will be key. Apple tends to be very good at hiding new products before their worldwide reveals, something Samsung could learn from. For instance, after releasing its shady trailer hinting at something coming, Samsung destroyed all doubts and speculation surrounding the S7 Edge by accidentally posting images of the handset – along with some feature details – online.

Although yet to officially confirm the next Galaxy line-up, Samsung  let the cat out of the bag on its developer’s site, Alphr says, confirming the handset will be revealed with new ways to use the curved screen edges once it receives Android Marshmallow. The edges will contain information bars which users will be able to pop out on to the main, flat part of the display to find out the likes of stock prices, football scores or the weather.

“Much has been written about Samsung’s desire to keep its flagship devices a secret, but the South Korean titan has never really been able to do it”, says BGR.

Samsung has since removed the images after the slip-up.

Samsung Galaxy S7: five features revealed in major leak 

29 January

An anonymous source claiming to work for Samsung has leaked a photograph of an internal presentation slide detailing some of the alleged features on the next Samsung Galaxy phone.

Samsung’s next flagship handset – the Galaxy S7 – is due to be on sale in a matter of weeks and will likely debut at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona towards the end of February, so major leaks like this aren’t out of the question.

The slide, which was sent to tech website Phone Arena, lists five of the features possibly coming on the S7. They “can’t guarantee its authenticity”, but say most of what has been revealed is in line with some prior expectations of the device.

Waterproofing returns

Samsung dropped water resistance from its S6 but, if the slides are to be believed, the S7 will bring back the IP67-rated dust and water resistance from the Galaxy S5.

With it plastic chassis, waterproofing the S5 was a simple affair. Using the technique on metal phones without compromising the overall design has been more difficult and manufacturers have been keen to develop methods to do this. It seems Samsung feels they now can. The iPhone 7 is rumoured to be introducing waterproofing with a metal body, too, so as a leak, this is believable.

Expandable storage

The S7 will be microSD-card friendly again if the slide is real. Like waterproofing, this feature was killed off on the Galaxy S6 and Know Your Mobile stresses how big a reintroduction would be for fans.                          

Cards up to 200GB will be compatible and the ability to change and boost the phone’s storage contrasts to the rigid nature of the Galaxy’s big rival – the iPhone.

Camera changes

Interestingly, the leak suggests the Galaxy’s camera will actually drop in terms of overall megapixels, but several key additions to the hardware will result in greater abilities.

The camera will go from 16MP to 12MP, but will be mated to a new super-fast aperture for improved action shots and low-light performance.

“This could affect the level of detail in shots, particularly if they are heavily cropped, but it also allows Samsung to make it flush to the body of the phone,” says Forbes.


In order to deal with the high RAM usage of Android software, the Galaxy S7 is equipped with 4GB of RAM. If the phone uses Android Marshmallow, it will boost improvement further. Know Your Mobile says that it’s an “insane amount for a smartphone. Expect performance to be off the charts”.

Battery increase

Finally, the slides indicate a large increase in battery life could be on the cards, with the suggestion that the phone will come with 20 per cent larger reserves and 40 per cent larger batteries in the S7 Edge. iPhone users have often been left frustrated at the device’s low battery capacity, so Samsung throwing the gauntlet down could spark Apple into action.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Release date, price, specs and rumours

22 January

Samsung’s Galaxy range of S smartphones have been the company’s flagship handsets since their introduction in 2010.

They have posed one of the biggest threats to Apple’s iPhone hegemony and the current offering – the Galaxy S6 – has won over critics with its design and super-sharp HD Amoled display, featuring an impressive 576 pixels per inch.

The Galaxy S7 is said to be on its way – but what will it be like?


Samsung is tipped to bring out three different versions of the Galaxy S7 – a standard Galaxy S7 plus two others, which could be another curved-screen phone – the Galaxy S7 Edge – and a larger version, also with a curved screen and possibly called the S7 Edge+.

The Independent reports that the rumours of three Galaxy S7’s launching this year were originally put out by tech writer and “famed leaker” Evan Bliss. They also note that Samsung launched an S6 Edge+, but the product was not received as well as its smaller siblings. This time, the company may well launch all three at the same time and hope to get the Edge+ formula right.


As for the look and feel of the phone, if it carries on in the same vein as its predecessor, it will be hard to find a more compelling handset on the market. Alphr describes the Galaxy S6 as “a stunner” and a “beautiful phone to behold.” It is slim, light, nice to hold and the Gorilla Glass front and rear give it a particularly enticing shimmer.

Protective skin-maker ITSkins leaked an alleged sneak peak of the phone, which can be seen on SlashGear. The renderings show a large and small device, not too different to the current sets.

The most solid leak suggests the base phone will be a 5.1ins display, sold alongside an Edge model using a 5.5ins curved screen. GSmarena reports on a leak from within Samsung’s supply chain found by looking at Zauba, a website that tracks India’s import and export industry. By searching for the rumoured model numbers of the phones, Zauba does indeed confirm that batches of the two different handsets have passed in and out of Indian customs and that the two devices measured 5.1ins and 5.5ins respectively.


Standard S7 and S7 Edge phones are tipped to come with 5.2ins screens, according to a report from Asia Today and reported by Pocket-Lint. This would mark a small increase on the screen size of the current model, which measures 5.1ins. Larger “plus” models may come with a 5.8ins display.

There’s conflicting rumours, though. Some suggest the sizes could split into three, with a 5.2ins handset at the bottom, a 5.7ins Edge model, and a 6ins Edge+.

Display quality has been a hallmark of Galaxy handsets and TechRadar says that current rumours suggest a 4k screen could be on the way.

Samsung is also said to be interested in introducing screens with similar 3D-touch capabilities to the iPhone and it seems likely that a pressure-sensing display is on the way.


Trusted Reviews says the Galaxy S7 camera is unlikely to change much from that of the S6.

That’s not necessarily disappointing, though: the camera on the S6 is highly regarded. It’s a 16-megapixel set-up with optical image stabilisation, autofocus and LED flash. It seems likely Samsung will stick to its guns in terms of raw camera-power, but there could be new software to optimise the hardware and possibly a new lens, which would result in the bulge at the back of the phone being less pronounced.

A rumour over at Android Geeks suggests new software will result in Samsung releasing their own rival to Apple’s “live photos” on the next handset.

OS, chipset, and hardware

TechRadar says the S7 will “almost certainly launch with Android Marshmallow”, the latest version of the operating system. They also point out a rumour originating in China that suggests the phone will have some form of liquid-cooling to ease worries it could overheat if higher-spec internal hardware is introduced.

There’s also talk that two different chipsets could be available. The Snapdragon 820 rumours are strong but go against the firm’s decision to stop using Qualcomm chips in the Galaxy S6 and instead rely on their own Exynos chips. There are suggestions that using the 820 after a brief hiatus – skipping the 810 – is more a reflection on that chipset’s poor performance than anything else.

Plus a new audio chip is rumoured, to try and take the fight to HTC’s efforts in sound quality, and there’s talk of USB-C and microSD ports on the handset.


Tech advisor notes that prices are not usually leaked before smartphone launches, nor is it the manufacturers who make the announcement. Rather, that is down to retailers.

But, they add, with the Galaxy S6 priced at around £599 on its launch – an expensive phone already – they don’t expect a price increase and the next generation will go on sale at the exact same price.

This is in contrast to the Daily Mail, who say the new phone could be up to 10 per cent cheaper than its predecessor in a bid to entice iPhone users across.

Release date

The S7 could be with us very soon – as soon as February, says Alphr, although they also point out a leak from China’s largest mobile-phone network China Mobile suggesting March. It’s unclear if China is pointing to a later reveal or release in shops, but strong rumours suggest the phone will be seen for the first time at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. Earlier talk suggested the phone could surface even earlier, but as January passes by, this now looks unlikely.

When it does launch, the Galaxy S7 has more to do than just woo potential adopters – it has to please the Samsung board and shareholders, too. Indeed, Forbes says the new phones have two tasks to complete for the company. First, they need “to stabilise the falling profits and revenue in Samsung’s mobile division” – the company was disappointed with S6 sales, despite the high praise the handset received. Second, the phone needs to address the balance within Samsung’s own portfolio. The S7 has to tempt users into splashing out so the company can rely on sales of more expensive handsets instead of the cheaper Galaxy A9.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Official video teases handset features – The Week UK