Samsung printers automatically re-order ink with Amazon Dash – Engadget

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After purchasing one of the four Samsung printers, you can tell the device to monitor the ink levels and re-order from Amazon should the need arise. With Samsung’s companion software, you can select which cartridges to re-order and when that order should be placed to ensure you’re able to continue printing without delay. No, this isn’t the first time ink re-ordering services have been offered. However, along with the Brother machines announced last month, the ability for the devices to automatically contact Amazon on your behalf is the hook here.

If you’ll recall, Amazon’s Dash Replenishment tech is built in to a number of devices and small appliances. For example, you can have your Whirlpool smart dishwasher re-order pods or that Brita pitcher automatically nab a new filter. As I found when I spent time with the Dash buttons, Amazon made it more difficult to forget things with this handy system. Expect to see even more devices added to the line in the coming months as the online retailer continues to make it easier to order from its seemingly endless supply of goods.

Samsung printers automatically re-order ink with Amazon Dash – Engadget

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