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As summer vacation draws closer, Americans are starting to make travel plans.

Many turn to websites to search and book flights and hotels, but travel experts claim that’s not always best way to get the best deals.

Peter Greenberg, travel expert for CBS News, said travel websites only show what they want the shopper to see. In fact, Greenberg said only about half of the available bookings are available online.

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“It’s OK to research online but then have a phone call with a human being,” he said. “A travel agent or a hotel res agent an airline res agent. Because what they have on their computer screens could be very different than what you have on yours.”

Matt Welch, a certified travel associate with PSI Travel, said the perks of booking through an agency is they’re keeping an eye out for you.

“If you’re booking with us, we’re constantly watching your reservation to see if the price does change,” Welch said.

But for those who do choose to book online, shopping around on various websites could be bumping up your prices. Computer cookies track your history, helping to gauge your interest in a booking.

“So the rule is here, although you can’t prove it scientifically. If you want to research a fare online and you want to go back later either clear out your cookies or use somebody else’s computer. It’s as simple as that,” Greenberg said.


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Booking in advance is usually your best bet, according to the experts. But what about a time and day of the week?

“You do 45-50 days out, do it on a Tuesday night at midnight,” Greenberg said.

Europe is a hot spot this season because of the drop in the Euro, according to Greenberg. Locally, however, Welch said many are staying close to home and scoring some big deals.

“People are doing what they call staycations,” he said. “Where they’re going away for three or four days, maybe out to one of the resorts here in Tucson or up in Phoenix where you get the same room that sells in high season for $400, in the summer months, in the offseason, they’ll sell it to you for $89.”

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SPECIAL REPORT: Best travel deals aren’t always online – Tucson News Now