Tesla’s Gigafactory To Get Grand Opening In July – Headlines & Global News

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Tesla’s Gigafactory To Get Grand Opening In July

By John Nassivera | May 29, 2016 06:47 PM EDT

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Motor’s Gigafactory is now set to make its official debut, as the company will hold a grand opening for the facility on July 29.

While the Nevada-based factory has been partially operational for months and it was only recently that the electric automaker completed 14 percent of the facility, Tesla plans to hold a ceremony to officially “open” the factory in two months.

Invites for the event have apparently only been sent to certain VIPs so far, among them being those who received invites through Tesla’s Model S sales referral program by referring five buyers.

The July 29 date was included in an email that was posted to Reddit and sent by Tesla to customers who won these tickets. The company has also confirmed that it will hold a customer-focused launch event that night.

It has yet to be revealed if media outlets will be invited to the opening, as Tesla hasn’t hosted media at the Gigafactory for the most part.

The company has also yet to reveal what exactly will take place at the event, though it is expected to include the first actual chance that people will get to see what’s inside the facility.

The only media outlet to get a tour of the factory so far is “Motor Trend” back in April, but it was mainly just a tour of outside the factory.

While Tesla isn’t expected to complete construction for the Gigafactory between now and July 29, the automaker has hosted smaller events in areas of the factory where it has finished construction, one of which was with SolarCity in March when it discussed the future of solar power in Nevada with state legislators. The factory is actually already producing batteries that Tesla is selling to companies, utilities and building owners, who can then use the batteries to store solar energy at night and better manage power grids.

The Gigafactory will cover 5.8 million square feet and cost $5 billion to build, and Panasonic is helping supply the facility with equipment for battery production. The facility will focus on building batteries for Tesla’s electric cars, which include the recently unveiled Model 3 ($35,000), Model S ($80,000) and Model X ($150,000).

Tesla’s Gigafactory To Get Grand Opening In July – Headlines & Global News