Thanksgiving Day Recipes by Traeger Grills featuring Kristin Andrus

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Let your Traeger do the work this Thanksgiving. Discover Kristin Andrus’ fantastic Herb Buttered Turkey, Smoke Roasted Apple Pie, and Sweet Potato with Marshmallow Streudel recipes. Amaze your guests and satisfy every palette at the table.

If you own a Traeger then Thanksgiving is a breeze. The Traeger makes you look an iron chef and everyone leaves with a full belly and a smile on their face. For your 2014 Traeger Thanksgiving we have put together three awesome recipes that are sure to tickle the tastebuds of your Thanksgiving guests. Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at Traeger.

What's In This Pig? (Epic Thankgsiving Recipes) - Epic Meal Time

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This week we put a turkey into 3 pigs, and smoke it up for days!

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What’s In This Pig? (Epic Thankgsiving Recipes) – Epic Meal Time
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