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Every year, the website Price of Travel ranks world cities according to how affordable they are for budget travellers. The 2016 Backpacker Index looks at the price of a dorm bed in a hostel, three budget meals, two rides on public transportation, one paid visit to a cultural attraction and three cheap beers to tell you how much money you’d need to get by each day. Naturally, a few extra bucks will give you added luxury for an unforgettable trip. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

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10. Luang Prabang, Laos

Historic Luang Prabang is the most popular tourist city in Laos, but still remains laid-back compared to other cities in Southeast Asia. You’ll find traditional wooden houses, French colonial villas, Buddhist temples, waterfalls, caves and wildlife sanctuaries, all for a daily budget of $22.73.


9. Quito, Ecuador

Another one of the first cities to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Quito is also the world’s second highest capital city. Explore its cobbled Spanish colonial streets for $22.20 per day.


8. Kiev, Ukraine

For European history and culture without the price tag, head east. The Ukrainian capital is one of Eastern Europe’s oldest cities, with architectural treasures to match, while its Soviet past adds a completely different dimension. You can visit for $21.14 per day.


7. Vientiane, Laos

Off the beaten track and even a little sleepy, the capital of Laos is the place to escape to if you want to kick back, relax and enjoy the views of the Mekong River. According to Price of Travel’s Backpacker Index, you’ll need a daily budget of $19.94, but you can get by on even less if you opt for the local rice wine instead of beer.


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6. Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal’s historic capital is home to Buddhist temples and colourful festivals, but its stunning setting in the Kathmandu Valley makes it a good base for adventure sports, too. A day in Kathmandu will set you back as little as $19.71.


5. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Its cool mountain setting, abundance of green spaces and many temples and museums make Chiang Mai a great alternative to frenetic Bangkok or Thailand’s touristy beach destinations. It’s cheap, too, requiring a budget of only $18.84 per day.


4. Goa, India

India’s party island is actually quite expensive compared to many of the country’s lesser known destinations but you can still enjoy the beach lifestyle for $18.48 a day. Price of Travel says that costs do go up during peak travel times, like around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


3. Saigon, Vietnam

Officially called Ho Chi Minh City, what was once the capital of South Vietnam is now a bustling, modern city that also has interesting museums and relics from the Vietnam War. Even though it’s one of the most expensive destinations in Vietnam, you can still get by on $18.25 per day, according to Price of Travel.


2. Hanoi, Vietnam

The Vietnamese capital is developing quickly, but still offers a fascinating look into the country’s traditions as well as its French colonial and Communist past. Ancient temples and peaceful parks add to the mix, all for only $17.08 a day.


1. Pokhara, Nepal

Nepal’s second largest city is a popular base for adventurous spirits wanting to trek in the country’s Annapurna region and also offers temples, museums and spiritual retreats. According to Price of Travel, your daily budget here can be as little as $15.80.


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The cheapest travel destinations for 2016 revealed –