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Russia holds the 148th spot on the Index.

“Leading independent news outlets have either been brought under control or throttled out of existence,” RSF said. 

State-controlled media dates back to the Soviet era, but attacks against journalists have grown more vicious in recent years. Igor Domnikov, an editor for the dissident Russian paper Novaya Gazeta, was notoriously attacked and later died from his injuries in 2002.

In March, a group of reporters were beaten up while reportedly traveling to Chechnya, the BBC reported.

The occupation of Crimea, Freedom House argued, has only increased propaganda in the media. “Media outlets became more firmly incorporated into the Kremlin’s policy efforts, moving from supporting the government with biased news to actively participating in an “information war” with its perceived adversaries,” the organization said last year.


Turkey ranks 151st on the list. Authorities in the country have prosecuted more than 1,000 journalists for insulting the president and have arrested more than 100 journalists, RSF said.

An example of how Turkish police treat journalists: They raided the offices of a media group, known for its opposition to President Tayyip Recep Erdogan, in October, the day before scheduled elections.

The raid was “linked to suspected terrorism financing and terrorism propaganda,” according to the government.

Crackdowns have notoriously affected journalists covering Kurdish parts of the country. Authorities often refer to them as “terrorists,” according to The Guardian.

“Journalists are harassed, many have been accused of ‘insulting the president’ and the Internet is systematically censored,” RSF said. “The regional context – the war in Syria and Turkey’s offensive against the PKK Kurds – is exacerbating the pressure on the media, which are also accused of ‘terrorism.'”


Egypt, ranking 159th on the list, has a long history of harassing and detaining journalists. It’s the second-worst jailer of journalists, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

“Under Gen. [Abdel Fattah el-]Sisi’s leadership, the current authorities are orchestrating a ‘Sisification‘ of the media and a witch-hunt against the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood,” RSF said. 

Police arrested two journalists Monday in an “unprecedented crackdown” on the country’s journalists’ union, Al Jazeera reported.

Several Al Jazeera journalists were famously found guilty in June 2014, and jailed, for aiding the Muslim Brotherhood, considered a “terrorist organization” by the Sisi government.

These Are The Most Dangerous Countries For Journalists In 2016 – Huffington Post