Top 19 Wrestlers Who Screwed Their Wrestling Career

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Top 19 Wrestlers Who Screwed Their Wrestling Career

“Top 19 Wrestlers Who Screwed Their Wrestling Careers”
For every wrestler that makes it in the business there’s a long list of others that don’t. Sometimes they fail because they aren’t talented enough, sometimes they fail because the top brass just don’t like them, and sometimes their failure is their own fault. We are talking about certain choices that wrestlers made which had varying degrees of detrimental effect on their individuals’ careers and on some occasions lead to push being taken off or being fired!!!
There are plenty of wrestlers who screwed themselves over. Here are the top 19 wrestlers who screwed their wrestling careers.
Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Titus O’Neil

Jeff Hardy

Triple H


Scott Hall

Juventud Guerrera

Road Warrior Hawk

Daniel Bryan

Alundra Blayze



Dolph Ziggler

The Ultimate Warrior

Bret Hart

Mr. Perfect


Mr. Kennedy

Paul London

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