Total solar eclipse coming next week to Asia and the Pacific – USA TODAY

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A total eclipse of the sun will turn day into night over portions of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean next week.

Indonesia will get the best view Wednesday, especially in central portions of Borneo and Sumatra. Most of the solar eclipse will be over the open ocean of the Pacific.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon gets in the way of the sun, casting its shadow on the Earth’s surface.

A partial solar eclipse, when only some of the sun is covered up, will be visible in many other areas, including China, the Koreas, Japan, the Philippines, Australia and portions of Hawaii.

In Honolulu, 63% of the sun will be covered, according to Sky and Telescope, but because of the International Date Line, Hawaiians will see the event Tuesday afternoon. The maximum eclipse will occur about an hour before sunset at 5:37 p.m. local time Tuesday.

This is the first of two solar eclipses this year, according to NASA. The other will be an “annular” solar eclipse over Africa on Sept. 1. An annular eclipse is one in which the edge of the sun is still visible as a bright ring around the moon.

Folks in the U.S. will have to wait until Aug. 21, 2017, to see the next total solar eclipse. That one will be seen in the Southeast, the Central Plains and the Northwest.

There will be two lunar eclipses this year, on March 23 and Sept. 16, NASA reports. Only the March 23 eclipse will be visible in North America.

Both will be less-spectacular “penumbral” lunar eclipses, when the moon is in Earth’s faint outer (penumbral) shadow. These types of lunar eclipses can almost pass unnoticed.

Total solar eclipse coming next week to Asia and the Pacific – USA TODAY}

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