Tourists DESTROY Shanghai Disneyland Grounds Before It Even Opens

5 months ago 12

Over 1 million tourists have already visited the yet-to-open Shanghai Disneyland, but judging from their uncivilized behavior outside of the theme park, the Shanghai Disney might be in trouble.

Reports of trash, graffiti, and vandalization of the grounds are already getting out. Trampled plants, trash being left everywhere and of course, public defecation is running rampant.

Thousands of eagerly anticipating tourists flock to the theme park daily to try and catch a glimpse of the famed attractions. Currently, they are regulated to the shopping, dining and entertainment areas.

The park is set to open June 16th and nearly 330 million people live within 3 hours traveling time of the park which means Mickey and friends will be sad but Disney and China will be making plenty of “cheddar”.
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