Watch these tiger sharks feast on a whale carcass – Fox News

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A stunning video posted by the Eco Abrolhos tour company in western Australia shows a gruesome sight: a plethora of tiger sharks feeding on, and swimming around, a whale carcass.

The video shows the clear turquoise waters filled with sharks, blood from the dead whale, and two tour boats with passengers. Striking aerial footage shows the surrounding water teeming with tiger sharks. 

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Tour company Eco Abrolhos explained that the footage was shot near Dirk Hartog Island during the course of a 14-day cruise; that island is part of the Shark Bay World Heritage Site, which is home to seagrass beds, sea cows, and other marine life— including, of course, sharks.

According to the IUCN, tiger sharks can grow to be over 18 feet long and have a conservation status of “near threatened.” 

The video has racked up over a half a million views so far.

Watch these tiger sharks feast on a whale carcass – Fox News

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