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This is a great phone. I watched the Live event. Hugo did a bad job of selling it. On the stage Hugo even praised iPhone and Galaxy S6 (Seems like a nice guy). About the phone, it is phenomenal…

* Snapdragon 820 processor. We all know how good it is
* 128 GB memory with 4GB RAM
* 5.15-inch FullHD IPS display with 16 LED to power, which produces brightness measured at 600nits (wow). Sunlight reading, in-built reading mode, night mode.. and so much
* Awesome Sony IMX298 16MP Camera with Four axis stabilization for upto 4K videos (iPhone 6S Plus only has two axis and iPhone 6S has no OIS). The camera supports DTI deep trench isolation technology, much like the iPhone 6S.
* 4MP front camera (Looks like that ultrapixel camera from HTC). Good.
* Curved glass design (Ok, this we have seen in lots of phones. It is nice to have)
* Option of ceramic body
* Quick Charge 3.0
* UFS 2.0 flash memory, same as galaxy S7
* 4G voice or VoLTE support. LTE standard improved to Category 12 with upto 600 Mbps download support.

and wait.. few things not there on some flagships…

* IR Blaster
* USB Type-C

Price (Roughly)

* $300 (32GB/3GB)
* $350 (64GB/4GB) – (Edit: Seems like it is 3GB not 4GB)
* $410 (128GB/4GB/Ceramic Body)

__And one more thing..__

At 7.25mm and 129 grams, it is also notably thinner and lighter than the outgoing Mi4. Heck it’s even lighter and thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG’s G5 . And it still rocks a __3000mAh__ battery

This phone has everything that Fandroids have been asking for past one year. The only complaint might be the software. But that really depends on the individual. Use a Mi3 phone with Nova Launcher and all MI Apps hidden. Wont experience any lag or sub-par user experience. For half the price of Samsung S6 and LG G5, if you don’t mind the brand, this is a no-Brainer!!!

* Some websites claim that mi5 has dual-sim support. Couldn’t verify in official website.
* mi5’s Antutu score is __142K__. For Comparison: LG G5 scored __133K__ and S7 scored __116K__. (Source:IBTimes)

Xiaomi Mi specs review: coming of age – Phone Arena