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Villanova just won one of the greatest NCAA Tournament finals ever. This has led some football-minded folks to wonder about the state of Wildcats football and whether that state exists. Well, for anyone who wondered that but did not find the time to research the matter, here are answers.

Nova football is at the FCS level, making the Wildcats the first non-FBS/I-A school to win March Madness since they did it in 1985.

The 2009 FCS national champions* have made 10 playoff trips since the Division I split, most recently a trip to the quarterfinals in 2014. A 2-2-1 bowl record and three AP Poll top-20 finishes preceded the split.

* Technically, the NCAA Division I champions, since the NCAA has nothing to do with the BCS/Playoff. That means the Wildcats had won an NCAA football title since their last basketball title. Good to see football schools do well in other sports.

Between Brian Finneran, Brian Westbrook and John Robertson, the Wildcats have won as many Walter Payton Awards as anybody. That’s the FCS Heisman, so to speak.

Nova’s in the prestigious Colonial Athletic Association for football, but nearly jumped to FBS to fully join the Big East a few years ago. The Big East gave up football shortly after that, morphing into the AAC, in which Nova’s a member for rowing, aka the ultimate football gateway sport.

Nova’s not quite North Dakota State, but is still one of those FCS teams your FBS team shouldn’t ever schedule. Over the last three years, they’ve played Boston College close, taken Syracuse to double overtime and nearly beaten UConn. Since 1928, they’ve had a sporadic trophy fight (the Mayor’s Cup) with Philly-area rival Temple, tied 15-15-2 and set to resume next season.

Anyway, the millions of you seeking VU spring ball talk are in luck.

Tensions are as high as ever in Texas, where elite recruits say they’re waiting to see what Charlie Strong and Kevin Sumlin do this year before committing. If one falls, the other stands to reap, along with the Baylors and Oklahomas and so forth. If both fall, then the two schools get to battle over not just recruits, but also … say … Houston’s Tom Herman.

A 6’7 Oregon hoops player who’s nicknamed “Snoop Dogg” by Bill Walton is now an Oregon wide receiver. This is extremely good news for all of us.


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Bill C team of the day: Eastern Michigan, who puts the coaching rule about year three to the test.

Oklahoma State has a top-15 NFL Draft prospect, but Stephen White’s really flustered by trying to figure the guy out.

It’s the year 2016, and Nebraska’s still firing shots at The Nine-Wins Man, Bo Pelini.

Nebraska did land the Commit Of The Day, bringing in a four-star Cali QB who’s the teammate of fellow Husker commit Keyshawn Johnson Jr.

Know which season would’ve given us one of the greatest Playoffs? 2000.

Some day, your NFL friends will say, “Did you know Pro Bowl linebacker Myles Jack played running back in college?” Be prepared to provide them the full story of the matter, as they can’t be expected to know very many college facts.

Take the edge off your Tuesday by watching Hawaii players have a massive water balloon war.

NFL Thursday night games will be streamed by … Twitter? Surely Snapchat can land the ACC’s Thursday nights of interesting punts, while we’re at it.

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