” YEARLING RUMP STAKE ” Bajias Cooking

5 months ago 13

Start by putting the beef steak strips 325g to a mixing bowl, add 1/4th cup salted melted butter then add the mustard ground less than ½ts, garlic powder ½ts, lemon pepper seasoning ½ts full. Then add the lemon zest of 1 whole lemon, ½ ts salt and meat tenderiser approximately 1/3rd ts and then rub it in and set it aside for few hours to marinate.
Later when you bbq the meat, heat the grill well before you bbq so that the meat doesn’t releases its juices and make it boiled meat. Bbq the beef on high heat so that it seals in the flavour and the freshness and the juices of the steak. The best way to see if your steak is ready if you take one off the bbq and place it on a paper towel and its going to release some water and if the water is not pink then your very soft, very moist and very tasty steak is ready.