Your tweets might actually become longer starting next week

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Your tweets might actually become longer starting next week

After a few months of teasing, Twitter may finally expand how much you can squeeze into a tweet starting next week.

As of September 19, Twitter will no longer count links for attachments like .gifs, pictures, polls, Vines, and more as part of the service’s trademark 140-character limit, sources tell The Verge. Quoted tweets won’t count against your character tally, either.

Plans to cut extra media out of Twitter’s character limit originally surfaced back in May as part of a push to improve the Twitter experience, though no exact date for when this would happen was ever uttered. Twitter’s plans could still change, the publication notes.

Other changes to make Twitter a more user-friendly place have already been implemented, such as the ability to retweet your own posts and making it so that starting a tweet with an ‘@username’ won’t automatically start a one-on-one thread.

Take it to the limit

While it’s unconfirmed the new limit will indeed debut next week, sources add that usernames also won’t be included in the character count, though that may happen at another time.

Such a shift would be a huge coup for those tweeting conversations that include multiple people … or someone with a particularly long handle.

Upping the character limit isn’t the only front Twitter is adjusting this year. The social media giant has made strides in updating its abuse reporting system and allowing users to filter random accounts from spamming their notifications.

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